Thursday 20 July 2023

Day 1 - Hello


Ola ! What a great day to start journaling some game-making. 

Yes, its just another dev blog with a strange name but then why not.

So far, the intention is to make a RPG, an isometric hack-slash types that can suck up the player's time to no ends. Ah! getting sinister already !

Still trying to figure out the storyline and the tech. I plan to keep these rather simple and focus more on the gameplay as I understand the player stays with a game for its mechanics rather than the visual dazzles. Correct me if I got that wrong.

Its not lost to me that it will be a long winding murky and convoluted path but not something loads of coffee and beer can't solve., right ?

Do drop in your words (either kind or nasty) from time to time. 

I will set up a signup form soon to keep y'all in the loop. 

So, now over to the drawing board.