Thursday 17 August 2023

Game Dev Blog #6 : Story and Context


 Most playable games today are interactive story experiences with rich narrative elements. Providing just a competitive agenda doesn;t cut it any more. So we will try to put a narrative in our case too. And in one of the previous post, I had already mentioned that the game being an rpg is about a mage who would go on a quest to save his home town.

This idea has been done to death but what we gotta lose by doing one more ? Nothing. 

So, this player character of ours, Vala (named changed from Rudra as the new one seemed to have a nice ring to it) needs a context or rather the player needs to be motivated. So, I imagined an opening script where an elder mage would call out and motivate Vala to start his quest. 

Next, I went ahead and compiled an opening cutscene. (Would love to get a feedback here.) 

How was it done? 
Well, I will not hold back. I employed a video editor Hitfilm , a audio editor Audacity , some images generated from - yup, folks check this out. The wait periods are shorter than Stable Diffusion

Once I recorded some dialogue recorded with a free Text-To-Speech converter for that "performance" voice and found this cool cinematic track Misery by Damiano Baldoni  I brought it all in Hitfilm

After a few serious hours of trial and error, I found something that worked for the moment. 

I created individual "composite" shots with one image each and sprinked it with "heat distortion", transform and fade effects and compiled it into a sequence. It was quite an education.

So here it is the the "INTRO" cutscene. ! 

Enjoy and stay tuned.


Friday 11 August 2023

Game Dev Blog #5 - More on the Prototype


Yes! some progress made. A video capture below

1. Player auto focus on enemy 2. Enemy focus and chase player 3. Player can shoot fireballs and discharge lightning 4. Player gets hit 5. Enemy gets hit
6. And yes, gamepad\joystic works too !!! 7. Checked on a background music - (March of Midnight by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

So with the minimal feasibility and framework out of the way that now gives me a fair understanding of the dreaded Vector3d manipulation I can now move ahead with the artwork and tightening the story and gameplay.

Story ! Here I came