Monday 31 July 2023

Game Dev Blog Post #4 - Prototype


Hello There !

Something's cooking and after a lot of deliberation and trying out the isometric tiles in 2D with Godot, I gave up. Aligning the tile and building a level seemed toooo much for me.  

It got me thinking what if I could just create a map in a tool like Blender and simply get it in Godot andbe done with it. Actually, I found that to be much cleaner. 

So, now I have switched to 3D but keeing the the Ortho look and feel of RPG intact. To summarize,

 I just built a couple of boxes and cylinders in Blender

Then exported them as glTF 2.0 and then imported them in Godot and set up the collision boxes and the environment settings

Next, headed over to mixamo and picked up this dude since he had nothing better to do. :0 and downloaded the running and idle animations in fbx at 30 fps

Got the model into Blender and accumulated the animations using the method instructed here and exported them out to glTB format and imported them into the Godot IDE.

Finally, after adding a boilerplate character movement script I could get this running. The camera was set to ortho and attached to the player character ( be specific)

And YES ! Its moving. 

This establishes the camera, physics, player animation, gravity and lighting. Much faster than the 2D isometric tiling method. 

Next, now onto some vfx and enemies path finding after post which I can call the prototyping complete and move to the actual design phase.

Cheers !!!!