Thursday 17 August 2023

Game Dev Blog #6 : Story and Context


 Most playable games today are interactive story experiences with rich narrative elements. Providing just a competitive agenda doesn;t cut it any more. So we will try to put a narrative in our case too. And in one of the previous post, I had already mentioned that the game being an rpg is about a mage who would go on a quest to save his home town.

This idea has been done to death but what we gotta lose by doing one more ? Nothing. 

So, this player character of ours, Vala (named changed from Rudra as the new one seemed to have a nice ring to it) needs a context or rather the player needs to be motivated. So, I imagined an opening script where an elder mage would call out and motivate Vala to start his quest. 

Next, I went ahead and compiled an opening cutscene. (Would love to get a feedback here.) 

How was it done? 
Well, I will not hold back. I employed a video editor Hitfilm , a audio editor Audacity , some images generated from - yup, folks check this out. The wait periods are shorter than Stable Diffusion

Once I recorded some dialogue recorded with a free Text-To-Speech converter for that "performance" voice and found this cool cinematic track Misery by Damiano Baldoni  I brought it all in Hitfilm

After a few serious hours of trial and error, I found something that worked for the moment. 

I created individual "composite" shots with one image each and sprinked it with "heat distortion", transform and fade effects and compiled it into a sequence. It was quite an education.

So here it is the the "INTRO" cutscene. ! 

Enjoy and stay tuned.